MSP Today Expert Feature
September 02, 2014

Ostrato Adds Financial Management Features to cloudSM Management Platform

Ostrato has upgraded its cloudSM cloud management platform with new financial management capabilities. The improvements are designed to reduce costs for MSP and other service provider customers by providing real-time visibility, cloud instance parking and scheduling and simplified administration and governance.

The platform supports traditional IT budget models and chargeback workflows while helping organizations to optimize cloud utilization, performance and costs. By dealing with a single cloud management platform, MSPs and IT departments may easily handle hybrid cloud environments while reducing costs and offering new IT services.

New financial management support includes a tool for cloud instance scheduling and parking, which lets users automatically start, stop or park their cloud instances. It also provides unified and centralized governance and control through single sign on (SSO) and role-based access controls. Additional benefits include single pane of glass visibility to real-time data, including cost projects and usage reports. Customers also benefit from simplified finance administration since they may view cloud service utilization and costs from a single unified interface.

“With cloudSM’s Cost Optimization Bundle, cost management begins with controlling what cloud services end users can purchase, and extends to simple tools that organizations can use to automatically constrain or limit cloud spend,” said Jay Chapel, CEO of Ostrato.

“With Ostrato, we have a centralized platform to govern and automate our cloud usage,” added Don Magrogan, CTO of Fusion PPT, a provider of IT consulting and system integration services. “ROI was immediate, as Fusion saved 55 percent on our most recent public cloud bills, with no impact on our ability to execute or deliver services to the end user. By leveraging Ostrato’s cloud ingest process to discover all existing instances, and then automating instance scheduling by leveraging Ostrato’s unique budget and parking features, we were able to quickly identify and manage spend by user, group and project across all of our cloud providers.”

The new financial management capabilities follow a July release of cloudSM dubbed Fuji that upgraded the solution considerably. Those features included service catalog management, which streamlines the process of adding IaaS and PaaS cloud computing resources, along with composite services that let users build, order and provision the entire infrastructure stack. The July update also enabled cloud automation as well as scheduled parking, providing more control for organizations based on fluctuating traffic patterns.

Edited by Maurice Nagle