MSP Today Expert Feature
September 02, 2014

LogMeIn and Autotask Unite to Increase MSP Efficiency

As the IT ecosystem continues to grow in complexity, organizations look to managed service providers (MSPs) to deliver network-based services, applications and equipment. Serving as outsourcing agents for companies, MSPs ensure organizations always have the right resources so they don’t have to worry about applications, certification, security and upgrades.

LogMeIn (News - Alert), a provider of cloud connectivity solutions, and Autotask Corporation, a global cloud-based IT business management platform, have now come together to empower MSPs so they can manage today’s mobile workforce more efficiently.

Under this arrangement, they will be integrating the remote management and automation of LogMeIn Central with the workflow management benefits of Autotask. This will give MSPs the ability to speed up response time even when they are managing resources of their customers with fewer interfaces.

By getting rid of the complexities associated with multiple interfaces, MSPs will be able to monitor systems, automate tasks and better manage devices from many different vendors seamlessly.

With BYOD initiatives increasingly becoming part of many organizations, managing the different devices, operating systems, apps and security requires MSPs to be more vigilant than ever because of all the challenges that mobile presents.

"We believe that today's MSPs and IT service providers have a great opportunity to better service their clients, differentiate their services from the competition, and create new revenue streams by addressing the inherent realities of today's mobile, distributed workforce," said Ted Roller, vice president of channel development at LogMeIn.

The integrated solution will allow MSPs to:

  • Generate tickets automatically when alerts are triggered
  • Diagnose and fix remote computers directly from Autotask
  • Configure ticket parameters that map to Autotask fields, such as Account, Priority, Queue, Ticket Type and Work Type
  • Initiate a secure remote control session from Autotask tickets
  • Automatically update tickets in Autotask when the following alert-related events occur: Return to Normal, Self-healing Task Started and Acknowledgement
  • Acknowledge alerts in Central when you close a ticket in Autotask

"Creating a simplified experience for our MSP customers that allow them to focus on growing their business, managing customers, onboarding new clients and increasing their bottom line is a top priority for us. This new integration with Central allows for more effective remote management permitting MSPs to do just that," said Len DiCostanzo, Senior Vice President, Community and Business Development, Autotask. 

Edited by Stefania Viscusi