A Unified Solution for Monitoring Mixed Networks

By Lavanya Rathnam

Virtualization has become an integral part of today's networking. Its increasing use has given rise to a network architecture that is a mix of both physical and virtual networks. The introduction of virtual networks has increased flexibility and agility, and poses new challenges in giving users widespread visibility and control over the entire network. This mixed network also poses problems in terms of performance monitoring because the underlying infrastructure is different for both the physical and virtual networks, so the same monitoring tool cannot be used.

Existing tools only address some of the network challenges posed by mixed networks. They provide only basic information such as average link utilization and such information does not provide a comprehensive view of performance. Such tools are also not equipped to detect problems like spikes and microbursts, which are essential to ensure that users have a smooth viewing experience.

To overcome this problem, cPacket has come up with a new solution called cClear that monitors the performance and optimization of both physical and virtual networks. It is one of the first unified performance monitoring solution for mixed networks that monitors performance in real-time. This product maps physical links and virtual tunnels in real-time and with this information, it analyzes the performance of applications.

The core functionality that enables cClear to provide such a comprehensive view is its Smart Ports. These are small distributed sensors that are based on the algorithmic chip of the company. This type of architecture makes it easy to work through the virtual overlays as well as the underlying connectivity of physical networks to thoroughly examine the performance of the entire mixed network.

In short, cClear is a new unified solution that allows users to monitor the performance of mixed networks in real-time. 

Edited by Maurice Nagle

MSPToday Contributing Writer

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