Comverse Providing Managed Digital Communications Services to Nextel Peru

By Laura Stotler

In a new managed services relationship, Entel’s recently acquired subsidiary Nextel Peru is using Comverse for a variety of digital services and broadband solutions. The company, which provides regional mobile, data and IT services, will take advantage of Comverse MultiVAS for the offerings, which will be coupled with managed services.

The MultiVAS solution provides next-generation voicemail, call completion, text, multimedia messaging and USSD services. Nextel Peru expects to benefit from reduced costs along with simplified service operations. Ultimately, the company hopes to evolve its voice and messaging offerings for customers and add Rich Communications Services (RCS) and other advanced digital solutions.

Comverse will also provide managed services experts to ensure Nextel meets their goals on the business and operations side. According to Raman Abrol, SVP and managing director of Comverse for the Caribbean and Latin America, the company has a longstanding relationship with Entel and the managed services agreement builds on that.

Comverse has been busy beefing up its managed services portfolio, and the company acquired Spanish firm Solaiemes earlier this month. Solaiemes specializes in enabling both the creation and monetization of digital services for service providers, and Comverse is using the company’s solutions to complement their Evolved Communications Suite (ECS). That offering is designed to create an end-to-end platform for the service monetization of IP-based digital offerings and will aid companies like Nextel Peru in their quest to capitalize on advanced digital managed services.

"Given the enduring value of the long-term partnership that Entel has enjoyed with Comverse, we were keen to bring the benefits of this innovative portfolio of solutions and professional services here to Nextel Peru," said Nextel CTO Gonzalo Veas. "This upgrade enables us to deliver an integrated, personalized cross-service customer experience that meets the evolving needs and preferences of our rapidly expanding subscriber base and positions us to move towards realization of our visionary roadmap for the future." 

Edited by Maurice Nagle

MSPToday Contributing Editor

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