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August 04, 2014

Aena Navegacion Area Awards Unisys Corporation with Contract

Unisys (News - Alert) Corporation recently announced that Aena Navegacion Aerea, a national air traffic control service provider, has awarded it with a contract to develop and maintain applications for its business.

The agreement is set to allow Unisys to work with Aena Navegacion for the next three years. During that time, it will be working on applications that affect a number of different areas of the Aena Navegacion business, including finances and sales, human resources, planning, and geographic information systems. It will also be maintaining the air traffic control provider's public website.

Aena Navegacion reportedly has several products that it currently uses to conduct its business and run its various departments. However, it will reportedly seek to improve those applications and create new applications that will affect its future operations. In large part, Aena Navegacion says it seeks to separate the IT-based operations from the core of its other operations in order to save costs and improve the performance of the applications that affect its outcomes the most.

The official announcement states that Unisys will be working to maintain and update both SAP (News - Alert) and non-SAP Aena Navegacion applications, many of which are mission-critical.

Unisys has commented on the nature of the agreement, and the company appears to be excited to develop its relationship with Aena Navegacion. It points to its expertise in the industry as a key marker for why it was chosen to develop and maintain these applications. Since both Aena Navegacion and Unisys have a strong presence in Spain, it was only fitting that Ana Rubio, the president of Unisys Spain, delivered a statement about the partnership.

"We are delighted that Aena has selected us as a strategic partner for this project," Rubio said. "Unisys has a deep understanding of the air transportation industry, which comes from extensive experience delivering market-leading solutions for air cargo, security, and passenger facilitation. We are looking forward to working with Aena to help it meet its business objectives."

Edited by Adam Brandt