MSP Today Expert Feature
July 15, 2014

Managed and Cloud-Based Document Technologies Considered Important to Business Operations

A vast majority of IT decision-makers believe that cloud-based document management technologies are important to the day-to-day operations of their businesses. The cloud is becoming increasingly integrated in workflow optimization including the flow of digital documents, according to the results of a new Workflow Optimization Study from Canon (News - Alert).

The company, which specializes in digital and managed document solutions, surveyed 211 IT and non-IT executives along with Harris Poll. The research inquired about company game plans relating to cloud, mobile and digital workflow initiatives and overwhelmingly found decision-makers are in favor of cloud and managed workflow strategies.

There was a disparity, however, between IT and non-IT executives’ views on the topic. For instance, 79 percent of IT execs believe cloud-based document technologies are important for their businesses, while only 47 percent of non-IT decision-makers think so. Furthermore, 82 percent of IT execs are confident that their organizations can integrate paper and digital workflows, while only 56 percent of non-IT personnel shared that confidence.

When it comes to managed print services, 71 percent of IT decision-makers consider them extremely important versus only 46 percent of non-IT folks. A number of reasons were cited in favor of managed services, including the ability to print while employees are traveling as well as being able to print from anywhere within a company. Other benefits included being able to provide printed content to other team members, clients and customers as well as accessing printed content created on any device, from any location.

"In many cases, the survey results indicated a 'knowledge gap' between IT and non-IT professionals' awareness of which technologies their companies are deploying, and how they're being used," said Dennis Amorosano, vice president and general manager, Business Imaging Solutions Group Marketing Division, Canon U.S.A.

There were also disparities regarding BYOD and mobile printing programs, with 57 percent of IT execs insisting their companies support all devices and platforms Only 23 percent of non-IT personnel shared that view. And while 67 percent of those in IT said their companies offer mobile printing, only 47 percent of those outside IT believed that was the case.

Edited by Maurice Nagle