New Jersey's Open Data Centers Offers Carrier Neutral Connectivity for MSPs and Cloud Providers

By Laura Stotler

For cloud, hosted services and managed service providers (MSPs) interested in carrier neutral partnerships and low cost colocation facilities, New Jersey’s Open Data Centers offers an interesting solution. The company, which recently opened its first data center in Piscataway, NJ, provides a number of advantages for service providers who want to add points of presence (POPs) without spending a lot of money or time forging partner relationships.

Open Data Centers recently participated in the IT EXPO Miami event, where the company discussed how service provider customers may benefit from its no monthly fee cost connect model. “We offer high volume access to carrier cross connects and interconnection,” said Erik Levitt, CEO of Open Data Centers.

The company also recently announced a partnership with IceWEB, which operates a data center facility in Kansas City through their CTC subsidiary. CTC is a wireless ISP that offers connectivity in the region through their electro-fiber network. The companies are working together to enable data center diversity as well as to help each other with day-to-day operations at the facilities.

IceWEB is also supporting a massive, 550-acre project in the Kansas City area that will provide Internet, phone, video, HVAC and sensor control services. The complex, known as Carefree Caves, comprises 4.2 million square feet of office park and underground buildings serviced by internal fiber as well as high capacity licensed microwave from a variety of carriers through IceWEB’s NAP.

“Because of the vast size of the complex, measuring more than seven times the interior volume of the Empire State Building, we needed one secure network for all client and sub tenant networking,” said Graeme Gibson, chief technologist of IceWEB.

Edited by Cassandra Tucker

MSPToday Contributing Editor

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