MSP Today Expert Feature
March 06, 2014

IPR International Turns to AFORE for Cloud Encryption

IPR International has partnered with cloud security and encryption management provider AFORE Solutions (News - Alert) in order to further protect its clients from the ever-growing number of security threats. In particular, IPR’s clients now have access to encryption as a service (EaaS) as an additional layer of security for their cloud environments.

Cloud security continues to be a challenge for many companies, but solutions like AFORE’s CloudLink encryption platform can help keep cloud setups that much safer from threats by offering protection at multiple points in a cloud computing stack. Indeed, encryption solutions are available at the storage, virtual machine, file, and application levels. All of these can be deployed and managed from a common framework.

Late last year, AFORE introduced a range of security tools meant to make Amazon Web Services safer and more attractive to enterprise customers.

IPR clients are already protected by various security measures. For example, the company’s Regulatory-Enforced Cloud solutions allow its clients in industries like healthcare and finance to meet the requirements of compliance standards like HIPPA, FINRA and PCI (News - Alert), to name a few.

However, this new partnership with AFORE gives IPR’s clients even greater levels of control and flexibility with security.

"With CloudLink, we can now provide EaaS to secure a broad range of customer initiatives including hosted virtual desktops, application and database servers, and virtualized storage," said Bryan Durr, director of Product Architecture at IPR, in a statement. "Easy customer provisioning and advanced security options that place key control in our customers' hands allow us to offer a first-class security service that will help drive customer confidence and adoption of the cloud."

Through partnerships with encryption management providers like AFORE — as well as companies that provide Intrusion (News - Alert) Detection Services (IDS) and Intrusion Protection Services (IPS) — IPR International continues to enhance the security options available to its enterprise clients.

Edited by Cassandra Tucker