GFI MAX Riding the MSP Wave

By Doug Barney

How many MSPs is a lot? 100? 1,000? Well, GFI MAX now has more than 8,000 MSPs using its GFI MAX Remote Management.

Over the past 12 months alone, GFI brought in some 2,000 new MSP partners.

The remote management tool can control a bevy of GFI offerings, including anti-malware, patch management, and backup.

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GFI believes its unrelenting MSP focus is paying off. “We continue to see strong growth amongst our GFI MAX customer base and this is due to our overriding focus on staying engaged with the MSP community in order to understand how their needs grow and evolve as time goes on,” noted Dr. Alistair Forbes, general manager of GFI MAX Business Unit. “Today's MSP looks very different than it did just five years ago, and it needs the agility to readily adapt to the evolving needs of each of their own customers. Ultimately, we provide our MSP partners with tools that are easy to manage, yet powerful, ensuring that they are well-positioned to develop deeper engagements with clients and to take on greater responsibility for their networks.”

GFI has a few more stats to back its MSP momentum narrative.

GFI has managed close to 10 million remote access sessions through its Take Control technology.

GFI MAX, meanwhile, runs some 5.7 million automated maintenance jobs, more than 260 million checks over remote monitoring, and 5.5 million online backups – that’s some serious data protection!

And more than 13 million application updates have been provisioned using GFI MAX.

GFI’s Other Cloud Story

It is no secret that software companies are quickly adapting to the cloud, and GFI is no exception. The company is buying cloud concerns such as IASO, which does backup in the cloud, and is transitioning its on-premises software into cloud services. Much of this is in the form of the GFI Cloud suite.

GFI Cloud includes antivirus software, patch management, remote control, workstation and server monitoring, and asset tracking, all in one cloud service managed by one console.

The company also recently bought IASO, a cloud backup software maker, and is aggressively promoting this solution to the channel.

GFI is putting muscle behind the new Cloud Partner Program in an effort to give more partners GFI Cloud religion.

This particular push is largely about the U.S. market, even though GFI has an impressive international footprint.

Edited by Alisen Downey

MSPToday Editor at Large

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