Aternity Enhances VDI Solution for MSPs with Enhanced User Visibility

By Laura Stotler

Aternity Inc., a provider of end-user experience monitoring solutions, has announced new enhancements for its Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) solution for managed service providers (MSP).

The Aternity for VDI offering provides comprehensive monitoring for any business transaction within any packaged or custom application, running on any desktop virtualization technology.

The enhancements are designed to close the application performance visibility gap in virtual desktop environments. The Aternity for VDI solution enables usage and performance trending for VDI assessments as well as insights into end-user productivity.

The offering also provides real-time correlation and advanced analytics across all tiers of the VDI.

Benefits of the enhanced VDI solution include visibility into four key VD blind spots. End users may view application execution time, which is the actual time spent processing the transaction by the VD.

They may also view host resource availability, infrastructure latency and client-side latency.

Aternity for VDI enables MSPs and their customers to deliver on five VDI use cases. These include VDI migration planning, which enables decision makers to identify the best candidates for migration based on real user performance, desktop resource consumption and application usage patterns.

Virtual desktop impact analysis identifies slower transactions and correlates them with problematic hosts to show the hypervisors on which application performance is at its poorest.

Other use cases include application SLA management, validating the performance and availability of all end-user transactions and verifying if contractual commitments have been met. User-centric proactive IT management provides proactive detection of application performance and availability problems, and informed capacity planning aggregates historical application performance metrics as well as their correlation with server configuration and density.

"Desktop virtualization provides enterprises across all industries with significant advantages in flexibility, security, and service delivery," explained Bernd Harzog, analyst at The Virtualization Practice. "At the same time VDI initiatives also raise new challenges in planning, managing and troubleshooting that legacy application performance monitoring tools are not suited for."

"End-user experience is a key factor in determining the success of a VDI project," said Trevor Matz, president and CEO at Aternity. "By equipping enterprises with comprehensive visibility into application performance as experienced by their end users, Aternity is empowering enterprises and their Service Providers with the insight and confidence required to successfully deliver on their VDI projects."

Edited by Braden Becker

MSPToday Contributing Editor

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