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February 27, 2013

ADTRAN Releases Major Upgrade for Bluesocket vWLAN

ADTRAN (News - Alert), a global provider of networking and communications equipment, recently introduced a major upgrade to its Bluesocket virtual WLAN (vWLAN) software. The upgrade helps managed service providers (MSPs) leverage the vWLAN software to offer resale, managed WLAN or cloud-hosted WLAN services, as well as flexible migration between deployment options, to enterprise customers large or small.

As always, the primary focus of Bluesocket (News - Alert) is flexibility, which is evident in that this release enables both enterprises and MSPs to address a number of business models and networks needs from a single virtualized platform. Indeed, this Bluesocket release also offers integrated support for mobile offload services, which enables MSPs to generate additional revenue from existing WLAN deployments, while enabling large corporations to support subsidiaries as distinct business entities.

"The new enhancements in our Bluesocket vWLAN solution are breaking the current silos of resale and hosted WLAN with a solution that offers enterprises the flexibility to choose the deployment options that best meets their business needs," said Mads Lillelund (News - Alert), general manager of ADTRAN’s Bluesocket Business Group, in a statement. "At the same time, the flexibility of the solution allows MSPs to utilize the same vWLAN software to offer multiple, revenue generating services — resale, managed or hosted WLAN services, as well as mobile offload services to maximize revenues by partnering with wireless carriers."

Blusocket vWLAN boasts a unique architecture that separates control and management from the data path by moving it to the cloud. This gives network administrators a complete view and total control of their entire network.

Other features introduced in this release of Bluesocket include support for multiple administrators with varying levels of access control rights, enhanced high-availability features for improved system reliability, and enhanced reporting and alerts.

Earlier this month, ADTRAN supplied the Glandorf Telephone Company with its Total Access 5000 broadband platform, allowing the telecommunications provider to deliver ultra broadband and video services to customers in rural Northwest Ohio.

Also in February, ADTRAN reported that CT Communications had been able to increase the throughput of its high-speed broadband services by 30 times with the help of the Total Access platform.

Edited by Brooke Neuman