MSP Today Expert Feature
February 25, 2013

SingleHop Introduces SingleHop Public Cloud Based on VMware

Cloud technology is giving businesses small and large opportunities. It is no longer necessary to have large IT investments in order to compete or even move ahead. The right cloud integration for an organization can make it as efficient as any enterprise if it is used properly. As the reliability and speed of broadband matures, it will no longer be necessary or feasible to house expensive IT equipment and personnel in an organization. SingleHop has introduced the SingleHop Public cloud, which is based on VMware technology, to provide organizations of any size the reliability they need for their cloud services.

By using the VMware vCloud Suite, SingleHop Public Cloud gives users the ability to change their workload from internal to virtual platforms as it is needed, with speed and reliability. The server deployment technology of VMware is able to add or remove cloud servers to meet the demand of the workload in real time in as little as 60 seconds.

The scalable storage area network (SAN) based on a cloud storage system backs up the failover protection. The benefit of using this public cloud service is it has an hourly usage billing system instead of a monthly one. This means an organization only pays for the exact amount of time it uses during the month while still receiving 24/7/365 access to VMware’s certified engineers and technical support.

Some of the features of SingleHop Public Cloud are:

  • Mobile accessibility – the LEAP control panel can be accessed with a PC, Android (News - Alert) or iOS platform device with notifications and updates that can be delivered automatically.
  • AutoScaling – this is the based resource application which lets the user create rules to automatically adjust resources such as RAM (News - Alert), storage and number of processors.
  • Hourly Billing – the hourly billing is available across all SingleHop Public Cloud resources. This gives different personnel in an organization access to the resources when it is needed, so project managers can allocate assets with their to-the-moment needs.
  • SAN or storage area network – the failover mechanism that is in SingleHop Public Cloud can automatically spin up a new instance to the same storage allocation if the cloud server should ever fail almost immediately. This is an invaluable asset for organizations who can’t afford a single second of downtime.

“The promise and potential of cloud computing carries with it the need for reliability and responsiveness. The new SingleHop Public Cloud, based on VMware cloud infrastructure technology, gives users of all sizes exactly what they need. Our new offering combines VMware’s renowned dependability and scalability with SingleHop’s LEAP Control Panel for the ultimate in flexibility and ease-­-of-­-use. Add in our exceptional tech support and Customer Bill of Rights SLA, and it’s easy to see why the SingleHop Public Cloud is the best enterprise-­-grade cloud resource in the industry,” said Andy Pace, SingleHop Chief Operating Officer.

Edited by Brooke Neuman