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February 19, 2013

SyferLock Technology Corporation Offers New Cloud Authentication Service

SyferLock Technology Corporation has announced the launch of its new Cloud Authentication Service today, a program optimized for enterprises and organizations that entirely eliminates the need for an in-house solution.

“In response to growing concerns about security and the need for strong authentication, we are pleased to offer Syferlock’s Cloud Authentication Service,” said Chris Cardell, Syferlock’s CEO.

Cardell added that the service “enables organizations to cost-effectively strengthen their security and address their need for strong authentication, without the requirement for dedicated in-house resources and infrastructure.”

The SyferLock Cloud Authentication Service is a way to ensure that all users – employees, contractors, partners or customers – can access an organization’s systems, applications and data from any of their respective devices.

As Cardell explains, the service “provides a turn-key solution that readily integrates with the most popular security appliances and cloud-based applications.”

Strong authentication has long been a challenge for all kinds of enterprises and organizations, but SyferLock offers various features that work toward a unified yet accessible solution.

The service is powered by the same technology used in SyferLock’s GridGuard, implemented in the company’s single-factor, two-factor and multi-factor authentication solutions.

While deploying and supporting in-house authentication is a significant investment and requires consistent attention, SyferLock’s Cloud Authentications Service uses a company’s already-established infrastructure with no additions necessary.

With device-less, one-time passwords or PIN numbers, the service is simple yet secure, and does not require constant password changing common to other authentication systems.

In addition to large businesses and organizations, SyferLock’s Cloud Authentication Service is available for both resellers and other third-party service providers.

For more information about SyferLock’s Cloud Authentication Service, attend the company’s exhibit at RSA in San Francisco, in the OATH (News - Alert) Pavilion Booth #839, February 26-28.

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Edited by Braden Becker