MSP Today Expert Feature
February 08, 2013

Avanade Buys Opstera Public Cloud Management Software

Avanade, one of the leading Managed Services Providers (MSPs) in the world announced the acquisition of Opstera’s Public Cloud Management Software, with a deep focus on the Windows Azure platform.  

The cloud management software from Opstera will significantly add to the portfolio of Avanade, enhancing cloud managed complements and services for its latest acquisition of Azaleos, a Collaboration and Communication managed services. With Avanade blending Opstera technology into its current offerings of cloud managed solutions, the customers will benefit from an extensive choice of public, private, and hybrid cloud innovation.

As a part of the contract, co-founders of Opstera, Paddy Srinivasan and Ranjith Ramakrishnan, will join Avanade to promote and boost the company’s strategy for managed cloud services. Avanade is also planning to primarily focus on public, private, and hybrid cloud monitoring, informing the customers to choose their own way in deciding how to maintain IT assets and where to implement such assets.

Microsoft (News - Alert) Windows Azure is an advanced global cloud platform that allows the customers to build on its security and scalability. By deploying Opstera’s cloud management software, Avanade will help companies dynamically optimize capacity, scale, and efficiently manage the cloud environments. In a scenario where private and public cloud services are helping enterprises to enhance their agility and quickly respond to the growing market demands at a competitive cost, Avanade continues to extensively invest in advanced technologies like the software from Opstera. It helps the customers to efficiently manage the growing complexities in cloud environments. Opstera joining Avanade will help the latter in enhancing their cloud service capabilities and offerings.

Talking about the take-over, Paddy Srinivasan, Opstera co-founder, remarked, management of Software-as-a-Service and other advanced cloud applications is fast becoming critical due to proliferation of cloud platforms. Opstera has invested great time and money in developing an exclusive technology that enables the enterprises to seamlessly monitor and manage the applications running on public cloud platforms. Opstera expects a new perspective of its software at Avanade.

Despite this drastic move by Avanade, not all managed service providers are capable of going out and buying cloud or software companies. Besides, balancing two critical business functions, developing new software and maintaining customer systems is not easy. But Avanade has successfully stepped into the venture, leveraging its extensive experience in managing multiple priorities. Avanade was primarily funded by Accenture (News - Alert) and Microsoft, balancing directives from both the companies.

Edited by Ashley Caputo