MSP Today Expert Feature
February 05, 2013

Cisco Systems Presents New Solutions for Fabric Innovation

Cisco Systems (News - Alert), Inc., an American multinational corporation that provides computer-networking equipment and services to enterprises, keeps on  delivering high-growth wireless and mobility solutions, makes advances in its Internet-cloud networking capabilities and continues expanding its unified communication technologies.

The Cisco Unified Data Center platform, for instance, offers the networking support for today’s highly-mobile workforce by meeting data-driven requirements and quickly delivering on-demand IT cloud applications.

This is a unique platform that overcomes current data center constraints. It facilitates virtualization technologies, is designed to automate IT as a service, simplify IT operations and deployment in a cloud infrastructure.

In line with its strategy, Cisco introduced a wave of Cisco fabric innovations to the market – a series of new products that might prove invaluable for businesses: from the Cisco Nexus 6000 Series Switches to the Cisco Nexus 1000V InterCloud, to its Open Network Environment solutions (Cisco ONE Platform and Controller).

These new innovations can help with the scaling, extending and opening of the networking fabric of data centers and cloud computing. They allow businesses to connect to hybrid and multicloud environments; able to provide them more flexibility in terms of bringing more infrastructure agility.

Scaling the fabric is provided through the new Cisco Nexus 6000 series with its 96 ports, 40 gigabit switch and one-microsecond latency across all ports; it can really help businesses that require great network speed to deploy virtualized data centers and move to managed cloud environments. In the series, the Nexus 6004 is the highest density switch available.

Extending the fabric is also an issue that Cisco tackled with its new line of products. With many businesses deciding not to take advantage of cloud services for security concerns, difficulty in deployment of the new system and problems with managing both the business cloud and the provider cloud in a hybrid system, Cisco introduced its Nexus 1000V distributed virtual switch. This technology allows better management of both enterprise and provider clouds workloads, plus offers a high level of security.

For opening the fabric, Cisco released the Cisco ONE a few months ago, a system with features that allow open networking and flexibility, in addition to capable of optimizing business resources and provide faster monetization of new services.

Many companies are already taking advantage of Cisco’s new offerings. Savvis, a CenturyLink company, for example, is one of those that have confirmed how its business “relies upon technologies such as Cisco's Data Center Unified Fabric solutions to help [them] quickly deliver secure, robust, agile infrastructure to [their] clients," affirmed Ken Owens, cloud CTO, at the firm. However, also large companies like KLM Royal Dutch Airlines and Smartronix (News - Alert) are implementing the new solutions for their data centers and cloud environments.

Pricing and availability for many of the new products and information are available on Cisco’s official Website and through two webcasts scheduled for Feb. 5 and 6.

Edited by Rachel Ramsey