MSP Today Expert Feature
January 31, 2013

Viewbiquity Hosts Panel Discussion on Generating Revenue through Managed Services at ITEXPO Miami 2013

Open source, cloud-based machine-to-machine (M2M) platform provider, Viewbiquity (News - Alert), participated in a panel session this week at IT EXPO Miami 2013. The "Recurring Revenue: The Secret to Success" session focused on how managed services providers (MSP) can identify and tap into recurring revenue streams using cloud-based services like smart-premises solutions.

Many types of managed services may be deployed quickly and easily to achieve a number of benefits, including increased revenue, greater profitability and enhanced customer satisfaction. Viewbiquity has a wide range of experience with managed and cloud-based offerings, and the company's M2M platforms are designed to automate mission-critical business processes.

The company's cloud-based development and service platform offers a variety of benefits, included integrated command and control, VoIP, data and energy management and inventory control.

The solution also provides point-of-sale information and advanced process automation with the goal of improving business operations and efficiency.

Viewbiquity Cloud Interface (VCI) is an open architecture M2M platform service providing connectivity, application control, device configuration, automated database logging capabilities, inherent redundancy and backup. It features a customer-facing portal to offer users instant visibility into monitored and controlled business processes and all activity through the Internet, as well as way to interface with VIewbiquity applications.                                               

The platform is used in a variety of vertical markets, including government, healthcare, education, retail, industrial, energy and transportation. It enables a single network operations center (NOC (News - Alert)) to manage multiple sites and dispatch repair or security personnel based on live observation and results from multiple inputs like video, sensors and audio.

David Shafron, COO at Viewbiquity, presented the panel session at ITEXPO (News - Alert) on January 30. “Many service providers are very interested in integrating new services into their portfolios, but are unsure about which services offer the most long-term potential, and are concerned about deployment, integration, billing, and other operational issues,” said Shafron. “This session will help educate providers regarding the various options that exist regarding next-generation services, as well as suggest deployment strategies that minimize disruption and allow providers to maximize profitability.”

Viewbiquity has a unique and exclusive partnership with Clear2there (News - Alert) LLC, a provider of advanced video surveillance and M2M solutions for service providers and enterprises.

Clear2there Viewbiquity is the exclusive provider of sales and marketing for the VCI solution, hosted by Clear2there as a service offering.

The Viewbiquity Cloud Applications Suite (VCAS) platform has been used in 13 states by local service providers to deploy smart-premise solutions. It enables a variety of solutions using a hybrid of cloud and office-based resources for services like monitoring and managing smartphones, tablets and other Internet-connected devices.

Additional services include self-monitored energy management, security, video surveillance, access control and notifications.

“With self-monitoring and an efficient balance of central office-based and cloud-based resources, service providers are realizing that they can deliver a profitable yet cost-effective service that today’s savvy consumers are looking for,” said Craig Steen, president and CEO at Clear2there. “We expect that the success of our current customers will encourage many more service providers to reach out to us and find out how they can capitalize on these services.”

“We have seen an overwhelming amount of interest from local telephone companies, broadband providers, and cable operators who see smart-premises services as an attractive vehicle to satisfy customer needs and generate new recurring revenue,” he added. “Service providers that have invested in deploying broadband infrastructure recognize that they are in the perfect position to offer these compelling services to their subscribers. We anticipate that the number of inquiries we receive will only increase as operators begin to experience success through these early rollouts.”

Edited by Braden Becker