MSP Today Expert Feature
January 18, 2013

CyberPower Systems Joins VMware TAP Program

CyberPower Systems has announced that it will finally join the VMware Technology Alliance Partner program, also known as the TAP program. Members of the program collaborate with VMware to deliver innovative solutions for virtualization and cloud computing, and collectively, TAP offers customers to choose the right partner that fits their needs the best.

“We welcome CyberPower Systems as a valued member of the VMware TAP program,” said Sheryl Sage, director, Alliance Programs, VMware. “This membership means customers can take full advantage of a streamlined virtualization and cloud infrastructure experience. VMware provides an online marketplace, VMware Solution Exchange (VSX), where customers can learn more about CyberPower Systems collaboration with VMware and our continued goal commitment to developing breakthrough technologies that can transform business.”

An innovator of power protection and power distribution equipment, CyberPower strives to provide customers with the most dependable line of uninterruptable power supply (UPS) systems, whether a customer wants to store family photos or significant documents.

Aside from the UPS systems, CyberPower also produces PDU systems, remote hardware and other management equipment that will perform with great efficiency, but that will also exceed international safety as well as environmental standards.

The VSX available to customers offers another way to improve business by providing the customers with a single entry point to better discover evaluate and rate their business solutions.

 “CyberPower is committed to providing IT professionals with the power protection solutions they need for virtual environments,” said Jonah Cagley, vice president of Marketing at CyberPower Systems, USA. “As a VMware TAP partner we will be able to keep up with VMware vSphere developments ensuring that PowerPanel evolves in a timely manner for customers who require virtualization solutions.”

Edited by Braden Becker