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June 19, 2013

Masergy Beyond Bullish on its MSP and Cloud Business

Dallas-based service provider Masergy has a Texas-size dose of braggadocio. The company recently unrolled a list of accomplishments that would make a beauty contestant pale in comparison.

One feather clogging Masergy’s cap is the successful buy and integration of Broadcore (News - Alert), a managed unified-communications-as-a-service (UCaaS) company, which took place last year.

With that in tow, Masergy now boasts that it moved “from a leading network services provider to an innovative IT transformation provider.” The company further claims that it has the largest independent global network in the world. And with its cloud communications services, it can transform how enterprises do IT.

“Many network providers force companies to fit into a product ‘box.’ But at Masergy we transform a company’s IT infrastructure from complex and rigid to simple, agile and reliable,” argued Masergy CEO Chris MacFarland (News - Alert). “Over the past year we have accomplished multiple strategic initiatives focusing on expanding services, value and reach for our customers. Today our growing portfolio of network-embedded and cloud-based services helps companies do more with less so they can meet real business challenges such as globalization, IT cost containment, application experience and workplace evolution.”

If you are getting the sense that Masergy has a wee bit of confidence, you’d be right. In fact, its new branding message is “Performance Beyond Expectations.” Not sure if there is a specific SLA for that. There is, however, an SLA for business applications, video and voice services which have a guarantee of 100 percent reliability. These services can be based on Masergy’s global Ethernet infrastructure.

Bragging Rights

Besides crowing about its successful acquisition last year, new branding, and the transformative nature of its services, the company bragged of specific accomplishments.

It apparently has outstanding customer service, which was “validated this year by a company-record and “best-in-class” Net Promoter Score (NPS) of 59.3 percent. The score is based on direct customer feedback and far exceeds the technology industry’s benchmark of 24.7 percent,” the company said.

Money is also apparently moving in the right direction, with revenue up 19.4 percent in the last fiscal year (though it didn’t attach actual dollar figures).

The company also said its Global Partner Program grew with the addition of more partners, but didn’t peg this to a number. And channel revenue grew 20 percent from its previous undisclosed amount to its current undisclosed amount.

You may be wondering what’s making this MSP Today reporter so snarky today. Hopefully it is only part snark. I like confidence, maybe even a touch of arrogance. Nearly all successful people and element have this attribute. So I like Masergy’s ‘tude.

As a reporter, I’m always on the hunt for facts, so when a company re-announces old news and releases financial results without actually giving out financial results, I feel a slight bit slighted.

Overall, though, I like Masergy’s chip on its shoulder, and I’ll be watching it from now on.

Edited by Rachel Ramsey