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March 07, 2013

Amazing Facts of Application in Cloud Computing Hosting and Security

By TMCnet Special Guest
Deney Dentel, CEO at Nordisk Systems, Inc.

For nearly a decade, the advanced technology of cloud computing has helped transform the ways companies like mine conduct business. With a heavy emphasis on increasing workers’ productivity, and virtualizing the business platform, cloud computing has worked as a solution for many. For my medium size business, there were specific aspects that needed to be considered before we could initiate cloud-computing hosting services to ensure the technology served to fully benefit us. They included cost, accessibility, scalability, security and third-party sellers.

The Cost

For most large businesses and SMBs, cloud-computing hosting services can offer significant cost savings. However, the type of service each business selects will determine the effect on savings. For businesses that require multiple users and extensive ongoing collaboration, there may be additional fees charged by the cloud service provider. If this is not a service the business will be using, there may be other alternatives including being charged for simple online storage space.


The ease of accessibility is one of the most-used features of cloud computing. Gaining access across multiple computing platforms from any location that has an Internet connection can simplify business challenges by providing instant access to company files, documents and data. Cloud computing simply requires a mobile app to connect to tablets and smartphones with the instant ability to sync all files with the company server.


An amazing feature of cloud-computing technology is that it is easily scalable. While a company might only need minimum resources early on, they can quickly add additional services without the need to purchase extra equipment, or hire more employees. With cloud-computing hosting companies charging a pay-as-you-go fee on only the services that are needed, it helps large corporations and MSBs maintain costs.


With cyber-attacks on the rise, security is the most critical aspect of doing any type of Internet business. Most cloud-computing hosting services use high-end security measures and follow the strictest proven guidelines to ensure all transfers of information are safeguarded from attack. However, it is essential for every business considering cloud-computing hosting services to ensure their files will be 100 percent safe.

Beware of the Middle Man

In the world of cloud-computing hosting, third-party resellers can at times muddy the water in terms of costs and security. These middlemen work as affiliates, reselling the services of another company. It is critical to directly ask the cloud-computing service provider if they are simply selling storage as an affiliate for another company, or if they host their own cloud-computing servers.

The technology of cloud computing is here to stay. For my business, it was critical to ensure we are getting the best deal from the right cloud-computing provider. By researching available providers before signing up, we were able to eliminate issues in the future.

Author Bio:

Deney Dentel is the CEO at Nordisk Systems, Inc. Nordisk Systems is the only local Nexenta certified partner in Portland, Oregon delivers enterprise class storage with the amount of physical space that your data center possesses.

Edited by Brooke Neuman