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February 01, 2013

SilverSky Makes New Email Protection Suite Available as SaaS

SilverSky announced on Wednesday the release of its new Email Protection Suite (EPS) that is the first of its kind in the email security industry. The new solution is fully integrated and built on a single cloud management platform, providing organizations with unified security and control over both inbound and outbound corporate messaging.

“We are excited to make this innovative technology available as a standalone software-as-a-service offering,” said Tim Harvey, SilverSky’s CEO.

The new offering is being announced along with the launch of SilverSky’s email data loss prevention (DLP).

SilverSky’s DLP is content-aware and is equipped with policies normally reserved for standalone enterprise DLP solutions.

“Our email DLP technology is a quantum leap over the one-dimensional channel DLP and content filtering solutions,” said SilverSky’s EVP John Viega. “It protects confidential information, while our extraordinarily flexible definition framework matches the exact risk appetite and tolerance for business disruption of each individual organization.”

The company has invested millions in the development of its new solution, and has guaranteed that the offerings are purpose-built to safeguard corporate communications. Large enterprises have a lot to worry about, but the security of just one email could impact an entire corporation, and SilverSky proves that they know this with their entire new EPS family.

“When it comes to security, companies often spend too much time concerned with incoming traffic and protecting themselves against viruses, worms and botnets. While those things are important, it’s the critical information flowing out of your organization that represents the greatest risk,” said Viega.

Companies have the ability to deploy the solution across the board, with the added ability to write single policies that will apply to all email security features. SilverSky has also included the ability for rollup reporting, to provide enhanced visibility and lower administrative overhead.

The idea is to maximize risk reduction, and SilverSky’s product keeps this as a focus despite all the new offerings -- at its most basic, the ESP, as well as the DLP, are adapted for the world’s most demanding industry regulations and audits.

Harvey described how the solution came about, saying “To meet the exceedingly high security standards that our heavily regulated and enterprise customers demand, we had to build out the stack of email security software that was better than any commercial alternative.”

The software had previously been exclusive, which is why SilverSky decided to make this announcement now: the software is for the first time publicly available for any companies that may need it, but especially for large corporations and highly-regulated enterprises.

Edited by Ashley Caputo